Make it yours..

make it yours.

Titanium cassette profile with sand coloured fabric to match the decor?.., no problem:  – we’ll custom make your Huna blind based on your required size, fabric selection, cassette finish and choice of accessories. Use our configurator tool to create your Huna blind how you want it in just a few clicks.

Make it yours.

Endless combinations

just for you.

Whatever you want – color, fabric texture, profile finish, style, price…
Huna allows you to create a blind that perfectly suits you and your needs.
It’s time to bring your ideas to life…

Make it yours.

Get samples for free

and try them at home.

What’s it to be – the grey one or the blue one? Dimout or blackout? Aluminium or titanium cassette profile? You can order up 6 fabric swatches to match up to your decor.

Make it yours.

Huna specific features.

  • 4 types of fabrics

    Blackout: Privacy fabrics with light block
    Dimout: Privacy fabrics with mid to low light level penetration
    Screen: Semi transparent fabrics with mid light level penetration
    Sheer: Semi transparent fabrics with hight light level penetration

  • 6 free swatch samples

    Order up to 6 fabric swatches free and we'll post them out to you pronto

  • 4 cassette profiles

    Choose from white, anthracite, titanium and aluminium cassette profile with aluminium end caps as standard

  • 7 switches colors

    Seven different switch frame colours - select from white, silver mat, black, cherry, light bamboo, amber bamboo, and walnut

make it smart.

make it smart.

Sometimes you need bright ideas. Why not add a light sensor and set a timer to improve light and thermal levels, protect your plants, simulate occupancy when you’re not home or enjoy a natural and gradual wake up. Huna blinds take care of everything.

make it smart

master the sun light

with a light sensor.

When the sun starts to shine, temperatures rise. The Huna light sensor automatically lowers your blinds to help protect against the sun. Maintain a pleasant temperature, protect your plants or furniture… Simply brilliant!

make it smart

anticipate every situation

with a timer function.

Working away in the background, Huna blinds can progressively raise in the morning to gently wake you up, provide instant privacy or secure your home by automatically lowering at night. Just set your Huna preferences – job done!

make it smart

Huna specific features.

  • Timer control

    Schedule your blinds to raise and lower at set times morning or evening

  • Natural wake up

    Set your Huna blinds to open up progressively over a set time period to wake you up gently

  • Privacy & security

    Close your blind in the evening to maintain privacy. Automatic operation can simulate home occupancy to help keep your home secure

  • Thermal comfort

    Automatic blind control based on sun light levels will help regulate room temperature

  • Light control

    Set up your light sensor to maintain your desired room light level or protect furniture and plants against sunlight damage


Natural light at sunrise, and privacy at sunset... Huna blinds have made our lives so much easier!

Mary, Early Adopter from London

Perfect! My blinds’ operate automatically at set times, so no more climbing over the couch to pull on the cords!

John, Early Adopter from Cambridge

Very simple to install. The step by step guide makes installing the Huna blind a breeze. The tutorials on the App based on the products I ordered was a nice touch!

Paul, Early Adopter from Brighton
make it friendly.

make it friendly.

Your daily life could be even better: open/close your blinds together or separately, create your own home scenario or simply record the ideal position of your blinds… your smartphone connects directly with Huna to controle everything. Feel free to relax.

make it friendly

simplify your life

with an intuitive app.

Just imagine. You connect your smartphone directly to your blinds, you take advantage of a multitude of functions and you control everything from your seat. Well, that’s real life. Welcome home!

make it friendly

Huna friendly features.

  • No additional control box or bridge required

    Control Huna Blinds directly with your smartphone

  • Perfect control

    Control your Huna blinds independently or as a group - you decide

  • Wall switch

    A wall control to mount wherever you like - (1 x wall switch included with your order)

  • Create scenarios

    Set scenarios and timer functions so your Huna operates automatically the way you want it to

make it easy.

make it easy.

Fit your Huna blind solo! Thanks to its unique simple mounting system, installing a Huna blind becomes child’s play. No risk of damaging walls and no wires to connect… you are guided, step by step, through a clever and innovative DIY installation process. So, what are you waiting for?

make it easy

Satisfaction guaranteed

without compromise.

To ensure 100% satisfaction and peace of mind, we offer a full guarantee if you make a mistake when measuring or select the incorrect fit type while ordering your Huna blind. We will offer a replacement Huna blind*. 

*Terms & Conditions Apply

make it easy

Huna easy features.

  • Innovative

    Unique magnetic fixing plates help hold the blind in place while you adjust to the correct position and secure in place

  • Huna Guarantee

    Worried about making a mistake? No problem - mis-measure or select the incorrect fit type and we will offer to replace your Huna blind with a new one*. For Free. *T & C's apply

  • Made to your requirements

    Every Huna blind is made to your exact requirements. Tell us your size requirements and we'll build your Huna blind so it fits perfectly

  • 3 year operation

    Huna blinds have been designed and tested to operate for 3 years based on 1 x up / down operation per day - even at the largest blind size available

  • 8 'C' type alkaline batteries

    The batteries are hidden away inside the roller tube for convenience. When they need changing, simply uncouple the roller assembly and replace with old with new

  • Quietly does it...

    Huna is powered by a new Somfy motor that operates extremely quietly - so quiet you may not notice your blinds moving...


Best configurations

Best configurations

Oslo Japser

Oslo Japser

From 362£
Perspective Artic

Perspective Artic

From 333£
OSLO Graphite

OSLO Graphite

From 370£
Palette Iron

Palette Iron

From 338£
Voile Cream

Voile Cream

From 314£
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